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Friday, 12. September 2003
Releases! Releases!
Hello, again.

Although it was such a hot summer, the Antville makers have been pretty restless and amidst the beach, the sea and the sun lotion they worked out some pretty neat code for you.

First of all, there is the 1.0.2 maintenance release. In fact, this mainly includes the implementation of the image macro's fallback feature and some minor bug and typographic fixes.

As usual you can download this version as both, the professional Antville flavour and the amazing AntClick stand-alone weblog wunderkammer.

But the real beef comes here: (drumroll!)

We proudly present the first Antville 1.1 Pre-Release running with Helma 1.3! (ie. JavaScript 1.5 / Rhino.)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Be sure to read the upgrade.txt file on how to migrate from version 1.0.x to 1.1pre1.

The cool people out there surely know what that means (well, at least we know) – although we must admit that functionally there is not the slightest difference between the two versions (the planned email notification feature was postponed to 1.1pre2).

However, just let your modems glow when downloading this really progressive package of Antville or its famous sibling AntClick, both tagged 1.1pre1.

For the sake of completeness, certainly also the most recent documentation is available at the usual place.

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