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Saturday, 5. June 2004
Finally! Antville 1.1 just has arrived!
We are pretty proud to announce that – after a bunch of pre-releases – the final version of Antville 1.1 has hit our servers.

At the usual place, our good ole (but brand-new) adele provides the packages for you ready for download.

Please do not expect new features (in comparison to the recent pre-release) or le dernier cri in terms of such nifty (or useless?) things being called Atom, Trackback or centralistic authentication services.

The change log rather reveals minor bug fixes and some generic changes in code structure and build system.

And hey! Unlike others we certainly keep up our license: Antville is still open source and open minded.

(Well, in fact, most likely this will be the last release under the Helma license. Future releases will be published under the eigentext license which will be just as liberal as the present one. Promise! But you'll get another update about that just at the right time.)

We encourage everyone to download this final release and to report to us bugs, misconceptions or unexpected behaviours – or even just let us know what you think of it, generally.

We hope you like it as we do (and as we like you because in the end we're not in it for the money but for shitloads of money, er, our beloved users).

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