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Sunday, 21. March 2004
Fundamental changes in Antville
The bad message: we had to change the case of the HopObject prototypes in Antville inside the CVS repository.

(The good message: It does not only work, it works very well!)

This means the current main branch of the Antville CVS repository is most likely incompatible with former Antville CVS branches (because the old prototype names are not available anymore).

Thus, we provide the most recent sources of Antville 1.1.pre2 as it was before the update as extra CVS module which can serve as an archive copy. Please note, however, that write access to this module is disabled to prevent any updates in there.

You should be very careful with the next CVS update of your local working copy of Antville: a simple CVS update command will most likely end in a bunch of errors or in a corrupted local working copy.

We recommend to backup your Antville application directory before and only then do a fresh and clean CVS checkout of Antville.

Then copy the and from your backup copy to the new Antville application directory and you should be fine.

Btw. we found a fine solution to avoid finding completely new names for the Image and File prototypes. Generally, these prototypes are already provided by Helma herself and we are aware of the fact that Antville is now overriding these.

However, we implemented what we consider the future of Helma extensions including the Mail, FtpClient etc. prototypes: there is now a global JavaScript object called Helma which currently carries along the constructors and methods for File and Image objects. (But other prototypes easily can be added.)

Both, Helma and Antville, could benefit from this because it prevents the global namespace from being cluttered and we as application designers are more flexible in naming our custom prototypes.

Another important change which hopefully will enable more people joining the adventure of developing Antville functionality we tried to achieve with a first basic set of hooks for external modules.

It now should be easy to add navigation, preferences or the like to Antville from within a module simply by adding some kind of interface methods to the module code.

We will post a detailed description of the module functionalities on the antville-dev mailing-list, soon.

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