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Sunday, 18. January 2004
Out now: Antville Pre-Release 1.1pre2
The new year is still fresh and right so is the latest pre-release of our software called Antville, labeled 1.1pre2—in due modesty, the best Antville flavour so far.

This time we have a heap of new developments included, probably the most important being the layout feature which enables different antville installations to exchange the look and feel of any Antville site. Read more about all the changes in the corresponding change log.

Feel free and cordially invited to download the Antville application package, ready-made for an existing Helma installation, or the already famous AntClick bundle containing everything you need to run Antville on your own machine—and thus making it a matter of only a few mouse clicks to join the club of Antville administrators.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Be sure to read the upgrade.txt file on how to migrate to Antville 1.1pre2 from earlier versions.

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